Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved with Surfers On Mission, whether it be by starting a local chapter, or going on a trip, or offering some kind of assistance, please start by contacting us and introducing yourself.

Interested in starting a local Surfers On Mission Chapter? Keep reading…

How to Start a Chapter:

1. Contact SOM Headquarters and tell us you want to start a chapter.

Request the latest information and Starter Packet. Starter Packets include: CD with SOM logo and pics, 25 SOM stickers, SOM DVD, Fund Raising resources and suggestions for outreaches and surf trips.

Check with SOM Headquarters about any other Chapters in your area. Contact those chapters and explore how you might network in outreach and service. Chapters should be located in specified regions. SOM Headquarters will assist in this to avoid duplication of chapter formation in the same location.

If you need assistance, SOM can walk you through the process or even send an SOM Chapter leader to help you get started.

2. Form a group of at least three surfers who agree with the SOM Policies and Core Values and can commit to the work necessary to form a SOM Chapter and at least one year of involvement.

3. Create an informal Leadership Team that will be responsible for the following:

Spokesperson – Primary Leader

Co-Spokesperson – Leader

Treasurer – to manage funds

Secretary – to record all official SOM business

4. Find a supportive and Christ-Centered sponsor for your SOM Chapter.

Sponsors can be:

  • Church
  • Community Center
  • School
  • Business

Sponsors can serve the following purposes:

  • Provide a meeting place
  • Offer promotional assistance and exposure
  • Provide a pool of volunteers for events
  • Offer counsel and advice as needed

5. Create a reporting system so you can regularly update your membership and the SOM Headquarters. Options include:

Website and Email list

Phone numbers and address database


6. Create your first year schedule of activities for your SOM Chapter.

Regular meeting times and places.

First year chapters must commit to organizing and sponsoring at least two SOM trips, one of which is out of the host nation, and include at least three travelers. Trips must involve Christian service and witness in the spirit of SOM goals and values.

7. Have your first meeting!

Promote the meeting through your organic network of surfers and friends.

Keep it real, relational, relaxed, and stay true to surf culture.

Honor Jesus and make Him the main reason for everything.

Encourage each other and work together to plan your first event or outreach.