Core Values

  1. Faith – We trust God in everything we do, and we trust others in our inner circle, that He is working through and speaking to them in our journey of obedience together.
  2. Service – We seek to serve God and others in all things, with the goal of making Jesus famous, and His cause a success.
  3. Mercy – In the same way Jesus was merciful to us, and as we depend daily upon His mercy, we will be consistently merciful to others.
  4. Community – We will create and maintain a culture of togetherness with the SOM family and other people in our circles and partnerships through affirmation, worth, trust, respect, and communication.
  5. Sensibility – We will live by common sense and biblical values that are timeless, not being driven by the latest emphasis but by staying focused on and deeply valuing core Christian virtues – to love God, to love people, to honor Jesus Christ and all He stands for.
  6. Excellence – Whatever we do, we will do it well.