Working with Buck Waters and Surfers on Mission has been a perfect example of what God can do when HIS kids work together. Walking on Water has been so blessed to partner with people like Buck Waters and it would be impossible to have the the maximum impact without the power of unity and working together. I thank God for the friendship we have with Buck Waters and Surfers on Mission!

Bryan Jennings
Founder of Walking on Water
Professional Surfer


The ministry of Surfers On Mission has begun because Buck Waters understands that the sport of surfing is a vehicle for surfers to serve and meet the needs of others. Surfer On Mission is a part of the Christian surfing revolution that is rocking the USA and the surfable nations of the world. Surfers on Mission understands that surfers are an untapped resource for world missions. They are not just committed to pray for nations, but to “Go!” I’m stoked because of your vision, passion, zeal and love to reach the surfing communities and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m ready to “Go!” with you!

Tom Bauer
Surfing The Nations


Having known Buck Waters since 2002 as a friend and as a former member of the CSI leadership team, I have complete confidence is his servant heart and the vision of Surfers On Mission. It is so ironic that surfing can either catapult surfers into service opportunities around the globe, or selfishly hold them back. Surfers On Mission will certainly be a huge influence on the surf culture for good, as well as the kingdom of God! I wholeheartedly endorse this ministry and can’t wait to see how God uses surfers for service through Surfers on Mission.

Brett Davis
International Director
Christian Surfers International


I have had the great privilege of working with Buck Waters for several years while we served on the board of Christian Surfers United States and he ran a successful chapter in Pensacola Beach, Florida. Buck in his mild manner way demonstrated his leadership qualities by motivating surfers through his love for Jesus, his passion for surfing, combined with his business skills and driving vision. Surfers On Mission is purposeful in launching surfers for service into the mission field to partner with local missionaries and churches to meet the most pressing needs in their coastal communities in Latin America.

I whole-heartedly indorse Surfers On Mission to empower surfers into the mission field to serve and encourage the saints in the coastal communities mixed with the excitement of a surfing adventure into Latin America.

Ed Wright
Mission Pastor
North Coast Calvary Chapel


I highly recommend Surfers on Mission for any person looking for an opportunity to take their faith to the world. Jesus said “Go”, the time is now, and the field is the world! Join with Surfers on Mission as they seek to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Mike Doyle
Director of Outreach
Walking On Water